Get rid of your bees

and save the planet at the same time.

How does this work?

  • Beekeepers sign up to be notified of local swarms
  • You report swarms
  • A local beekeeper rescues your bees!

Why shouldn't I just kill the bees?

  • Recently, bees have been disappearing in huge numbers
  • Bees are essential in the pollenation of nuts, flowers, vegetables and fruits
  • There are beekeepers in your area who want to take care of the bees!

Want to be notified of bees in your area?

Featured Beekeeper

A few weeks back I got a call to do a removal in the Philadelphia suburbs. The homeowners heard bees in the third floor wall, and could see the bees.
Here's a picture of some comb we removed from a concrete brick wall in St Croix, USVI. We did 5 hive removals from this retaining wall over 2 days.
We got a call from Lorraine in Atwater Village who had bees in her birdhouse. Lorraine's neighbor noticed the bees and told Lorraine that she should have someone...